What is a MRI?

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan or MRI uses a strong magnetic field and radio waves to capture detailed images of your brain, nerves, muscles, soft tissues and the internal organs of your body.

Our Toshiba Titan MRI is manufactured to prioritise patient comfort. Its features are designed to reduce claustrophobia, making scanning more comfortable and facilitating those with high anxieties. It achieves this by having one of the widest openings and shortest depths along with quieter scans using “whisper” technology.

MRI provides some of the highest standards in diagnostic imaging and is often unrivalled by other services. Having these scans can be crucial and life altering in positive ways.


Things to Know

Our MRI technologists are highly experienced, calm mannered and sympathetic. We will always cater to our patients’ needs and concerns. This, along with our Titan machine’s superior comfort designs, has allowed us to image patients who have been unable to cope with other MRI machines.

We can often facilitate MRI appointments within short time frames, occasionally offering same day appointments if need be.

A doctor’s referral is required in order to make a MRI appointment. Please ensure you bring this with you to you on the day of your examination.

If you have found this examination claustrophobic in the past, please let is know and we will discuss the options available to you.  We do offer a wide variety of acoustics to listen to during scans such as content from our premium Spotify account, audio from YouTube and Radio stations.

You may be required to change into a disposable gown for the scan to enable us to easily access the area we need to scan.