What is an X-Ray?

X-Ray examinations are the most commonly used form of medical imaging. Doctors use them to look at bones, joints, teeth and some soft tissue structures like lungs. X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation that passes easily through the body. Our x-ray technologist uses a small burst of X-rays to produce images based on the density of the tissue and organs.

Things to Know

A referral is required for an X-Ray. We accept walk ins however to minimise wait times it is recommended that you book an appointment.
Here at Alto imaging all our practices are equipped with modern digital x-ray technology. This allows us to produce detailed images in seconds that can be easily shared with our radiologist and your referring doctors.
There is no preparation needed before your x-ray examination. When you enter the room the X-ray technologist may ask you empty your pockets and remove any metal objects such as belt, jewellery, underwire bra and clothing with zippers. The X-ray technologist will then position you for the x-rays. You may be asked to lay down or roll onto your side or to hold your breath for certain images.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your technologist about your concerns as we are here to put you at ease and make you comfortable during your examination. Women who are or may be pregnant should consult with their doctor and x-ray technologist before having an x-ray.

You can call or email to book an X-Ray appointment.